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Karofi Optimus i2 Water Purification

Karofi Optimus i2 Water Purification

$USD 390

Water filter Karofi Optimus is one of the first products in Vietnam to use Korean membrane filter quick change (quick change) with many outstanding advantages:

Owning sophisticated, compact design, water quality meeting direct drinking water standard QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT, KAROFI OPTIMUS new generation intelligent water purifier is the perfect choice for every family.

Karofi Optimus i2 Water Purification 1

Meet the national standards of direct drinking water QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT and National Standard TCVN 11978: 2017 on household water purifiers

Overcoming all stringent inspection procedures for water quality after filtering and quality of water purifiers used in family activities, Karofi is the first and only unit to achieve the 2 highest certificates of water purifier quality: National Water Standard for Direct Drinking Water QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT issued by the

Institute of Occupational Health & Environment Ministry of Health and National Standard TCVN 11978: 2017 on Household Water Filters Do General

Department of quality measurement - Ministry of Science and Technology issued.

The certified water source must meet the MOH standards for 21 toxic chemical indicators such as arsenic, ammonium, lead, cyanide, mercury, copper, nitrate ... and 5 microbiological criteria: bacteria E .coli, Coliform, Streptococci feacal, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Spore-reducing anaerobic bacteria, ensuring absolute safety for users' health when taking it directly.

Superior operation

Water filter Karofi Optimus is one of the first products in Vietnam to use Korean membrane filter quick change (quick change) with many outstanding advantages:

RO 100GDP membrane monolithic (cast core) sterile

Korean imports

Safe, easy to remove and replace the core.

Filter capacity 20lit / hour

60% recovery rate (under standard test conditions)

Smart and scientific design

The most compact stand-up water filter on the market today, with a width of only 29cm

Karofi Optimus i2 Water Purification 2

Sophisticated modern flat design not only saves the optimal area but also a luxurious highlight in modern family space.

In addition to pure water taps that meet the direct drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health, Karofi Optimus is equipped with a separate drinking water line after the coarse filter cup, basically eliminating impurities in the inlet water, suitable for households. families using daily-life water contaminated with impurities (well water, alum ...) should ensure the need for bathing, personal hygiene or washing vegetables, washing rice, washing dishes.

Scientific structure, separate electric system and filter core system to minimize the risk of electrical problems during use. The intelligent filter core system not only ensures smoothness but also easily manipulates when replacing the core.

Solid cabinet structure from high-grade tempered glass, durable ABS plastic and rugged stainless steel frame enhances product durability and is easy to clean during use

Smart feature

Intelligent microcontroller with touch LED display shows the parameters and operation status of the machine to help users actively control water quality during use i1 optimus water purifier

Display TDS index of the following filter output water:

TDS is the total water-soluble solids, including minerals, salts or dissolved metals that exist in a certain volume of water, including harmful substances such as calcium salts, aluminum salts, Copper salts, lead salts, Arsenic ... substances that can cause kidney stones, gallbladder stones ... even cancer if used for a long time.

Karofi Optimus i1 water purifier is capable of removing from 95% - 98% of the amount of dissolved solids in the water, giving the water with TDS content at a safe level to the users (According to laboratory conditions of Karofi).
When the TDS of the water after the filter is displayed is higher than the recommended level, the device will have a signal from the LED screen and the buzzer to warn. The TDS display of the intelligent water purifier Karofi Optimus i1 helps users to see the purity and proactively control the water quality in each use.

Karofi Optimus i2 Water Purification 3

Integrated intelligent microcontroller:

The feature of automatically tracking the uptime of each filter element and the core replacement alerts saves costs and ensures the quality of the filter

The automatic water warning feature works to ensure absolute safety against any water spills

The automatic signaling function of weak or dehydrated water inputs increases the life and durability of components and filters

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