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Karofi eRO80 8 Stages Water Purification

Karofi eRO80 8 Stages Water Purification

$USD 230

ERO 8 stage water purifier integrates a modern RO filter to provide pure water, remove 99.99% of health-causing agents such as toxic organic substances, impurities, bases and dust. dirty pesticides in water, heavy metal ion causing cancer

Completely replace bottled, bottled or boiled water that your family is using. Besides, the water purifier is also supplemented with T33 function to help supplement the mineral for the body.

Here are some outstanding advantages of the 8-level eRO water purifiers:

Karofi QCVN 2010

Meet the national standards of direct drinking water QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT and National Standard TCVN 11978: 2017 on household water purifiers

Overcoming all stringent inspection procedures for water quality after filtering and quality of water purifiers used in family activities, Karofi is the first and only unit to achieve the 2 highest certificates of water purifier quality: National Water Standard for Direct Drinking Water QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT issued by the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment Ministry of Health and National Standard TCVN 11978: 2017 on Household Water Filters Do General Department of quality measurement - Ministry of Science and Technology issued.

The certified water source must meet the MOH standards for 21 toxic chemical indicators such as arsenic, ammonium, lead, cyanide, mercury, copper, nitrate ... and 5 microbiological criteria: bacteria E .coli, Coliform, Streptococci feacal, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Spore-reducing anaerobic bacteria, ensuring absolute safety for users' health when taking it directly.

RO filtration technology

RO filtration technology has the ability to remove 99.99% Amoeba, Arsenic, heavy metal ions, viruses, bacteria and other impurities for purely pure water. Karofi water purifier uses Filmtec RO filter membrane, imported directly from DOW-USA corporation certified and recommended by NSF.
8-level filtration system

Core 5 - GAC-T33: The core is made of coconut shell activated carbon, which makes the water taste better, sweeter, suitable for everyone's needs.

Core 6 - Mineral Mineral Core: The core is composed of natural stone minerals to supplement minerals that benefit the body.
Far Infrared Core - Far Infrared: contains ceramic ball particles capable of absorbing external thermal energy to emit far infrared rays that make water more active and easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Core No. 8 - Nano Silver Core: Nano Silver core can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria in water. Installed at the last position of the 8-level RO water purifier system to prevent re-infection during the process of circulating water in the filtration system.

Cost savings

Save the cost of replacing filters and parts

Power saving: consumes only about 3 kw / month.

High quality accessories

Super pressure steel bottle, luxury IQ cabinet, automatic KSD solenoid valve, smooth Karofi suction pump can suck up to 2m ...

18 months warranty, 24/7 technical support

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