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Aosmith Model A2 Water Purification

Aosmith Model A2 Water Purification

$USD 450

Integrated system optimizes iOSm, New generation electronic monitoring system displays filter replacement warning.

Aosmith Model A2 Water Purification - Front

Equipped with superior RO Side Stream membrane technology for up to 3 years, eliminating 99.99% of heavy metals and harmful bacteria.

The RO Side Stream filter of US copyright has a lifespan of up to 3 years.

Compact and comfortable design.

Aosmith Model A2 Water Purification - Behind

Electronic faucet: built-in warning display to replace filter core, keep water pure.

LED display: Full display information, easy machine control.

Aosmith Model A2 Water Purification - Tap

Variable valve: Customize the exhaust valve according to the input water conditions, helping to extend the filter life.

Balancing input water pressure: Helps the machine work in balance in different water pressure conditions, thereby extending the life of the entire system

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